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Safety Boots Melbourne

Senses WorkWear specialise in a wide range of footwear for the workplace. When looking for safety boots Melbourne customers come to Senses for a wide range of comfortable footwear options that give them the protection they need against workplace hazards. From slip-on shoes to joggers to elastic-sided boots, there’s a solution to any footwear problem you may have. Senses also provide a range of gumboots in a range of colours and sizes, designed specifically for food industries. No matter the shoes you need for the job, quality assurance is guaranteed at Senses WorkWear!

Senses WorkWear stock a range of boots, gumboots and safety shoes from trusted brands such as Blundstone, Steel Blue and Oliver. The range includes safety boots that have a steel-toe cap included, to protect the feet from hazards such as heavy and/or falling objects. Of course, on a worksite, you’ll need to watch out for hazards in your path as well. The soles on safety boots will give you extra protection against punctures from below, from objects such as glass and nails. The traction on the soles will also provide additional protection against slips, trips and falls. Footwear that fits well and feels comfortable can also improve balance, further preventing slips, trips and falls.

This is of course crucial in work environments where safety is a premium. We have a range of gumboots that are robust in wet conditions and can keep you safe. Remember safety isn’t an accident! Many people assessing the work health and safety conditions of a give work place will focus on external hazards – slippery conditions, height, electrical hazards and so on. But they mightn’t think about how the very clothing that the workers are wearing can be a safety hazard. We do! That’s why we have stocked a range of equipment that is purpose designed to keep workers safe, in all sorts of conditions and all sorts of industries.

In stocking the popular Blundstone Brand, we have available for our customers a truly quality boot, with a reputation that precedes the purchase. Blundstone have remained ahead of the curb by emphasising both sturdy quality in the boot, matched with innovative design that is responsive to changes in customer demand. They have thus become the boot of choice for a variety of industries, including heavy and light industrial applications, for men and women, in all sort of conditions. They also produce sturdy, casual boots as well.

We also stock hi vis workwear and scrub uniforms, and we provide embroidery and screen printing services.

Keep those feet safety with extra strong safety boots. We stock all the best brands, including Blundstone and Oliver. Call 1300 781 763.

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